Universities: How to make your digital ecosystem into an agile product… and not die trying.

Friday, 24 Aug 2018


Many universities continue to run their digital systems in a waterfall fashion, releasing new versions of a website or learning management system now and then, rather than implementing incremental updates. Institutions work in departmental siloes that make little sense to users, which nonetheless have a huge impact on the entire digital experience offered. At the same time, digital teams are often pulled in myriad directions by competing project briefs, driven by these very siloes, and not by user-needs.

After decades of working with the higher education sector, we are aware that implementing agile methodologies and a lean mindset isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do for universities. Yet, we are convinced it is the right way to go.

But where to start?

In this 30-minute webinar, Marcos Villaseñor, UX Lead at Precedent, will talk you through how to transform your digital department into an agile product team, learning from the likes of Google and AirBnB to stop thinking about your websites in isolation, and instead consider your entire digital ecosystem as a coherent whole (and how to gain buy-in to this approach).    

You can watch a recording of the live webinar on our youtube channel.