Let Precedent modernize your injury claim handling to produce more consistent outcomes.

Casualty claims often contain large amounts of information, including medical notes, attorney demand letters, and insurance documents, which can lead to high processing costs and inconsistent results. Additionally, settlements are on the rise, which makes accurate and timely data extraction and document processing more critical than ever.

Contributing Factors Increase Severity

Increased attorney involvement

Adjuster labor shortages and higher pendings

Social inflation

Increased litigation, litigation financing, and nuclear verdicts

At Precedent, our products provide a multi-faceted approach to impact your attorney represented claims, ensuring fair and reasonable settlement outcomes. Our AI data solutions automate demand identification, accelerate the review process, and guide claims staff to produce optimal outcomes. This allows adjusters to actively monitor every bodily injury claim while guiding them to those that require more attention, new actions, or complex decision-making.

Our Products

Precedent’s AI products are built by experts in injury claims, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and our models are trained on industry-wide data.d. This puts all necessary information in front of adjusters, where they can see it and optimize for the most accurate outcome. Precedent eliminates the need to sift through mountains of documents while ensuring attorney demands are identified, prioritized, and aggressively worked.

Enterprise Ready Solutions

Easy POCs

Easy to get started with no IT involvement

HIPPA & SOC2 Certified Envioroments

Military-grade security

Seamless Integrations

Cloud-to-cloud, SFTP, API, email, or direct integration

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