Bums on Seats: The digital battle for students

Bums on Seats: The digital battle for students

Universities are set in competition against each other. It’s not that they necessarily want to see other universities defeated; it’s about the want and need to survive in an age when student expectations and choices are at an all-time high.

This whitepaper, ‘Bums on Seats – the digital battle for students’ builds on our experience of helping universities win their battles. How can universities appeal to students when prices and courses are so comparable? It comes down to the all-important experience.

We offer this overview of the unfolding conflict so that you can appreciate the multiple fronts on which the battle is being fought as universities work hard to survive and grow.

The whitepaper details four battlegrounds, six strategies and ten tactics you need to exploit and utilise to ensure your university wins the digital battle for students.

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