CX: Survival of the fittest

CX: Survival of the fittest

What do today's customers need and how can you ensure you deliver to these heightened expectations?

Every organisation, whether it be commercial or non-profit, starts out suited to meet the needs of its audiences. But over time, those needs change. Lagging sales and low engagement are all signs your organisation has lost touch with its audience's needs and the competitive market it now finds itself.

CX: Survival of the Fittest demonstrates how digital can be used to transform the customer experience.

Using Precedent's CARE model of CX Fitness, the report helps organisations identify their own CX fitness level and provides the information and tools to enable readers to find the hidden relationships to create the optimal experience for their customers.

Including case studies from around the world, we also shine the spotlight on those organisations who have fixed major issues in recruitment, sales, and retention by tackling customer experience head on.

Aimed at organisations providing customer services and utilising key learnings from our biggest clients, the report will explore the opportunities and challenges in the end-to-end customer experience both online and offline.

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