Recruiting students from China? WeChat is the answer.

Recruiting students from China? WeChat is the answer.

WeChat is China’s booming full-service social platform. With over 1 billion users active each month, it’s the single most important social platform in China, an offers exceptional online influencer marketing opportunities for organisations looking to expand into this ever-growing market.

Organisations worldwide are leveraging the users of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with great results.  However, most fail to recognise the reach and potential of WeChat, China’s most significant social network. As either a standalone activity or as part of a social media infrastructure, its range of integrated features, such as e-payment, e-stores, taxi ordering, gaming, dating, mapping and geo-location, means that WeChat cannot be underestimated.

The flexible features and promotions available through WeChat provide powerful functionality to build meaningful relationships with followers. Improved targeting through geo-location, allows organisations to locate customers and offer personalised promotions to them, be this through VIP cards, e-coupons and easy-to-use QR codes. Features such as location-based marketing and personalised content curation and content marketing enable improved community management and an ongoing relationship with followers.

WeChat offers the ability to communicate and advertise directly with customers. Some of the most effective WeChat strategies are based around creative content marketing. This isn’t just to do with content looking good on mobile, but more about experimenting with a flexible, portable content structure and interactive experiences such as games and contests.

There’s an abundance of ways to do this, be it through creating a mini app or small website, offering followers a consistently strong brand experience. WeChat’s use of H5, an interactive platform enabling users to create interactive campaigns such as games, animations, and mobile shaking triggers, allows for even greater engagement. Rich animations mean campaigns can be created in a broad range of styles, and data of people viewing campaigns can be collected from like interactive forums, comments and votes.

At Precedent, we are specialists in South East Asian digital communications. We create solutions that enable organisations to break into the Chinese market and advise on all aspects of delivering social media through a range of WeChat accounts, operating at different levels.

Our digital strategists, social, creative and PR experts based in Hong Kong and London know that social media and online influencers form the backbone of how users interact with and perceive brands and organisations. We really listen to our clients’ requirements, in response we develop and execute robust, bespoke strategies and social roadmaps that maintain consistent growth and effectiveness. We can also assist with content planning, creation and localisation.

Ultimately, we ensure positive results for organisations in any industry, regardless of location.

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