Download our latest whitepaper: Transforming transformation in higher education

Download our latest whitepaper: Transforming transformation in higher education

Times are changing; in digital as well as in the higher education (HE) sector. There is not much we can do about it, apart from adapting and transforming the way we do things. Unfortunately, we see an increasing number of higher education institutions fail in their attempts to transform digitally. But why? 

Departmental silos, a lack of skills, an outdated digital estate – all of these are common hurdles that slow down any attempt to replace existing systems and processes, and create lasting and tangible improvement in outcomes. Change must come from the top, with leaders crafting a vision that all stakeholders can relate to. Only by doing this can organisations fully embrace agile methods as part of a culture that is obsessive about the student experience. Most crucial in this, however, is breaking the cycle of procurement driven by the needs of the technology vendors. 

Reflecting on our 25 years of working with the education sector, we've explored the key challenges universities face in digital transformation and explained why we believe it's time to rethink how the sector goes about digital. From vision-setting and strategy, through to procurement and staff training, we're at a tipping point where failure to adapt will find universities in a perilous situation. 

'Clarity of purpose, leadership and a real understanding of what is desired from digital transformation across the entire university underpin success. Isolating digital leadership among a few in the
organisation is destined to result in failure - the lessons could not be clearer.'
Iain Martin, Vice Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University

'It’s never about the technology! A succinct readable exposition of the dos and don’ts to achieving digital transformation in higher education.'
Professor Jane den Hollander AO, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University

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