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British Safety Council founder James Tye was a fearless champion of safety. He believed no one should be injured or made ill at work, and he didn’t shy away from sharing his views. He openly chided anyone who flaunted unsafe behaviour, with the Queen herself receiving a reprimand for riding her horse without a safety hat. He fiercely campaigned for everything from lifejackets to safe sex, and was best known for influencing the law on seat belts, saving countless lives. His biggest contribution to all our safety was the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

The British Safety Council is now an authority on health and safety standards in the UK. We’re proud to help them on the next step of their journey, keeping James Tye’s vision of a safer workplace for everyone alive.


Just like James, we needed to help the British Safety Council be fearless with their digital landscape. Our guiding principle of putting the needs of the people using their services above the organisational hierarchy helped kill a cluttered homepage, ban bloated content pages, and correct confused messaging.

As well as an easy and intuitive experience, the new digital presence provides access to essential support and training to those responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees. Big campaigns like Mates in Mind, the national programme to address mental health stigma in the construction industry, have a dedicated area on the site, to help the British Safety Council get the message out.


Did we mention the short timescales? With just five months to research, define, design and build, we needed to get the wind in our sails. We wasted no time in starting by meeting both internal and external stakeholders to build a comprehensive understanding of the job to be done.

With multiple transactional elements and integrations with third-party systems required, we carefully ensured key revenue streams were not only protected, but improved. Price banding, member discount tiers, self-service e-learning and virtual learning environments were all brought together under a single sign-on.

The British Safety Council has a wonderfully strong visual identity. We helped pick and prod what worked – and what didn’t – to make it deliver what we needed for digital, without changing the brand past the point of recognition. With our branding heritage, it’s the stuff we love doing.

BSC_1.png BSC_3.png


For this project, we chose Umbraco for its open-source, customisable flexibility. The component-based design approach allows editors to create engaging content quickly in a flexible way, while delivering a solid user experience.

People can navigate directly to areas of interest with ease, and the language used on the site no longer reflects the British Safety Council’s internal jargon and structure. Course listings are clear and concise.

We think we’ve done James’ memory proud, and we look forward to seeing the British Safety Council achieve their mission of ensuring that the workplace is safe for everyone. 

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  • Digital strategy 
  • Analytics

User experience

  • Information architecture 
  • User research
  • Usability testing
  • UX design


  • UI design 
  • Creative direction 
  • Digital identity guidelines


  • Technical consulting
  • Full-stack development
  • Third-party platform integration

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