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Kennedys is a truly global law firm, working in 37 sites across four continents. Their client and partner base is international, with content needs as varied as their geographical locations.

In the years since their last digital overhaul, steady expansion and innovation had seen the brand outgrow the confines of its existing website. They needed a credible digital presence capable of communicating the firm’s values and expertise, and better servicing their users, both inside and outside of the organisation.


Kennedys’ offering is built around people – an exceptional workforce specialising in delivering services locally, in many languages, and using skillsets that vary significantly according to region and jurisdiction.

We were tasked with finding a way to seamlessly tie together the global and the local, ensuring that Kennedys’ geographically disparate team became its greatest strength in presenting a unified front. The challenge lay in balancing the big-picture requirements with the degree of specificity required to effectively service individual regions and marketplaces in multiple languages.


We got underway with an in-depth discovery process, honed to define direction, and challenge existing assumptions. A consistent message emerged from each conversation: users needed the right information, connected to the right people, with the right expertise. The unifying point was Kennedys – what was missing was an effective way to navigate their offering.

We created content and language guidelines, reconciling the granular access requirements of users at a local level with the need for a uniform digital identity and presence at a global level. A carefully designed taxonomy and dedicated search function ensures that users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Kennedys’ recently refreshed visual identity was working well for print, but felt too rigid in the context of a rich, non-linear digital landscape. We enriched what they had, extending the design and creating a powerful visual toolkit with flexibility at its core, enabling Kennedys to create content that delivers to a diverse range of messaging requirements. 

Kennedys_1.png Kennedys_3.png


Built using Umbraco CMS, Kennedys’ new website is a powerful tool that simultaneously functions as a source of industry information, whilst balancing the needs of both internal and external users. A wealth of content and journeys are supported, ensuring that users never feel lost.

Bespoke analytics functions measure the performance of content in respect to specific user journeys and elements of their knowledge base. With meaningful insights at their fingertips, Kennedys can continue to evolve and refine content to ensure they’re delivering a first-class experience for their clients, partners and staff.

Our work has laid the foundations for a global but flexible digital platform. And it doesn’t end there. With the plans for additional functionality on the horizon, we look forward to seeing Kennedys continue to grow with their digital assets – not out of them.


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