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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are working tirelessly to save our oceans, and have been for the past twenty years. Thanks to them, you can be sure that any fish you eat with the blue label comes from a certified sustainable fishery.

From awarding certification and setting standards, to educating brands and consumers on the importance of sustainable fishing, their work is transforming consumption on a global scale.


Now in their 20th year, the MSC have made significant progress in raising the profile of sustainable fishing as a means of preserving wild species and safeguarding seafood supplies for the future. However, they knew they needed to revamp their online presence to improve their reach and the impact of their communications.   

As their strategic digital partner, we were appointed to help them bring their message to the masses online, transforming their digital presence from a predominately scientific B2B site, to one that captures the hearts, minds and purchasing power of consumers across 32 countries.

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We carried out a review of the site and extensive internal stakeholder engagement with staff across the world to determine the ambitions for the new global website. Combined with the extensive external stakeholder engagement already carried out by the MSC, these activities highlighted fundamental concerns about the volume, quality and governance of content across their 15+ local sites and the effectiveness of the existing content management system (CMS).

In designing the new website, we sought to address specific user needs and business objectives with a streamlined information architecture (IA) and highly focussed content.

We recommended building the new website in Sitefinity CMS, an extensible, cost-effective solution providing ease-of-use for content editors and simple management of the MSC’s extensive global, multilingual, digital estate.

To make the most of Sitefinity’s powerful functionality, we worked with the MSC to define more efficient processes, governance and workflow around managing content production – balancing local site owners’ requirements for agility and autonomy with the need for consistency and quality control at a global level.

To support the local and global teams in creating content, we put together a core content strategy as a set of content aims and principles. In addition to this, we provided a set of content creation guidelines, specific to the MSC’s content objectives, metrics and challenges, aimed at increasing engagement and online conversion.



The end to end site redesign and build has involved a phased approach, with a campaign site celebrating the 20th anniversary of the MSC’s vital work to ‘Keep it Wild’, launching in late 2017, in collaboration with brands such as IKEA, McDonalds and Lidl.

The content strategy was rolled out throughout this year, and the new, multilingual, global site launched successful in spring 2018.

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  • Technical strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy

User experience

  • UX design
  • Information architecture
  • User research
  • Usability testing


  • UI design
  • Art and copy direction
  • Voice, tone and messaging
  • Digital identity guidelines


  • Technical consulting
  • Full-stack development
  • Third-party platform integration
  • Platform migration
  • Prototyping

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