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Armed conflict has a devastating impact on the lives of children. For many, the effects last long after the fighting is over, disrupting education and depriving young people of opportunities well into adulthood.

War Child is a non-governmental organisation that works to improve the quality of life and prospects of those affected by war throughout countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their work ranges from preserving access and rights to education, to providing vocational training opportunities and business skills, and campaign work that aims to tackle the root cause of conflict. 


We were asked to design a new digital presence for War Child that would raise awareness of their mission and work as hard as possible to secure essential donations and advocacy.

An initial review highlighted the areas in which their existing website was underperforming. User journeys were confusing and calls to action unclear. The website was dominated by content that, while informative, lacked the emotional impact to truly engage.

Our team began work, focusing on creating a new design featuring a powerful combination of visual and written content that tells real stories, placing children at the heart of the message. 


In order to provide maximum flexibility, we delivered a toolkit of site components that can be used to build on the existing website’s templates. Our team joined forces with CTI Digital, our trusted Drupal implementation partner, to deliver a responsive site that drives engagement and action. We worked with short timescales in order to deliver a new website design before the Christmas period; a crucial donation window for charitable organisations.

Warchild_1.png Warchild_3.png


War Child’s new website sports a bold, immersive design with powerful visual storytelling throughout. Concise messaging, clear signposting and a user-friendly navigation all work to make the donation process intuitive and fulfilling, driving visitors to take that single most powerful action to support the charity’s mission of changing lives.

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Increase in online donations


Increase in mobile sessions




  • UX strategy
  • Analytics

User experience

  • UX design
  • Information architecture
  • User research


  • UI design
  • Creative direction
  • Voice, tone and messaging
  • Digital identity guidelines


  • Front-end development

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