Transforming the insurance landscape
with powerful AI solutions

We use demand intelligence solutions to create better outcomes for carriers, adjusters,
and policyholders.
Our vision is to simplify the bodily injury claims process with powerful AI data solutions that lead to accurate, successful, and timely claims resolution. It’s our mission to save insurance carriers time and money through advanced monitoring, Reveal, benchmarking, and guidance features. We provide a “solution” to a problem, not a “platform” for you to figure out.

Our Company

Precedent was founded by Grant Little, Jim Andrews, Logan Chittenden, and Derrick Stuckey with the goal of using AI data solutions to streamline the bodily injury claims process. We believe that by automating specific tasks, we can reduce the need for human resources, eliminate endless searches, and minimize monotonous data entry. This not only saves insurance carriers money while reducing errors but helps adjusters work more efficiently, ensuring fair and reasonable settlement outcomes.

Who We Are

We are purpose-

Our team, combined with advanced technology, focuses on solving the bodily injury severity problem plaguing the insurance industry. Our team comprises experts in claims analytics, language technology, and data science academia.

We care about people

Inflated injury claims hurt the people they are intended to help with unnecessary treatments and even sometimes surgeries. All of this drives up insurance costs for insurance customers.

We love making a difference

Cool technology and fancy dashboards don’t mean anything if it doesn’t result in change. We spend countless hours working with customers and focusing on solutions that make an impact.

We are collaborative

We work together to approach topics with humility and curiosity. We are always hungry to learn and improve.

We are dependable

Our word is our bond. We don’t over-promise, and we stand by our results. You can count on us.