Meet Our Leaders

Precedent’s leadership team has a wealth of experience across the AI data science and insurance industry spectrum.
A smiling man wearing a suit with a blue background represents software for insurance carriers.

Sean Gallagher

Chief Financial Officer

A smiling man with short hair, possibly evaluating legal AI software, against a blue background.

Matthew Slocum

Chief Product Officer

A smiling man wearing a suit and tie, representing a legal AI software company, against a blue background.

Allan Alford

Chief Information and Security Officer

Woman with curly hair smiling against a blue background, reminiscent of the interface colors often used in legal project management software.

Celeste Little

Chief People Officer

A woman with an updo hairstyle and makeup smiling against a blue background, showcasing software for insurance carriers.

Sivongile White

Senior Director, Strategic Projects

A smiling man in a blazer and blue shirt against a blue background promotes legal project management software.

Justin Buford

Senior Director, Product Operations

A smiling woman with short blond hair wearing a striped top, a necklace, and software for insurance carriers badge, seated in front of a brick wall.

Tammy Frye

Quality Assurance Learning & Development Director