A smiling man wearing a suit with a blue background represents software for insurance carriers.


Sean Gallagher

As a CFO at Precedent, Sean brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the insurance and insurtech industries. His academic journey began at Boston University, where he earned a BA, followed by a Master’s degree from Boston College.

Throughout his career, he has held various pivotal roles in Finance and Operations at esteemed organizations such as Wayfair, Liberty Mutual, National General Insurance and Adir Ventures. His tenure as COO of the Health Division at National General was marked by significant accomplishments, including leading the Corporate Development role and successfully executing seven acquisitions within a five-year span.

His primary focus has always been to marry financial and operational excellence across various verticals in the insurance industry. This dedication has been a driving force in his recent transition to Precedent, where he is committed to investing in and shaping the future of insurance technology.

Outside of his professional life, he cherishes time spent traveling with his family and enjoys sailing on weekends, embracing the tranquility and challenges of the open sea.