Digitized Demand Handling

Our technology accurately identifies all critical
data from lengthy and complex documents.

Precedent monitors email, physical mail, and faxes, extracting valuable details to ensure all demands are identified, prioritized, and aggressively worked. Our API and intuitive interfaces provide impactful, never-before-seen insights into your performance across the industry. This cross-industry data is leveraged to make recommendations that optimize outcomes.

Purpose-Built Products

We provide a solution to a problem, not a platform for you to figure out.

Our exclusive focus on attorney-represented claims allows us to provide products specifically built for insurance carrier needs. Precedent enables Claims organizations to take control of their correspondence data using the latest capabilities in computer vision, natural language processing, active learning, and cloud-based automation.

Precedent’s models are trained
on industry-wide data

AI, like any other complex technology, must be properly trained and maintained by an expert team to reach its full potential. Precedent is backed by experts in claims analytics, language technology, and data science academia who are equipped to provide the necessary training and maintenance for our AI data solution to thrive.

Reduce Cost, Focus On What Matters,
Improve Outcomes

An adjuster’s time is valuable, and reviewing documents can easily take up hours. These delays only increase the likelihood of a bad outcome. By reducing the expense and time associated with reviewing documents, Precedent allows adjusters to focus their energy where it matters: on the claims needing immediate attention. By automating the data identification process and delivering the data automatically into your downstream system.

Precedent creates consistency and better outcomes.