Demand Review Automation

Eliminate a multitude of monotonous and error-prone tasks from document review to data entry into claims and litigation management systems.

Leveraging Precedent’s API takes data extracted from correspondence and injects it directly into downstream systems. This saves thousands of hours of manual work and creates consistency while improving accuracy. Precedent’s Demand Review Automation extracts all valuable details from demands and other claims correspondence to deliver the most important data within those documents.

Demand Review Automation drives impact in a number of ways:

Increases claims disposal rates

Eliminates inconsistent data identification and utilization

Reduces subjectivity in claim review

Utilizing this data creates significant efficiency gains while simultaneously improving performance.

Automate Your Demand Reviews

Give adjusters their valuable time back and allow them to focus on servicing customers. By automating the demand review process, carriers can create more consistent results while enabling adjusters to engage with claimants.

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