Litigation Optimization

Utilizing industry intelligence

We find the optimal counsel match for your case particulars and provide you with a strategy to reach the best outcome. Through a blend of carrier and industry data, 3rd party data, and watchlists, Precedent provides next-step recommendations on strategy and subsequent activities, including bill review, independent medical examination assignment, counsel selection, and more.

Precedent Litigation Optimization provides highly accurate recommendations on:

Answering these questions can improve the negotiating process while reducing costs and minimizing indemnity in claims.

Digital tablet displaying dynamic financial charts with overlay of vivid abstract elements, symbolizing advanced data analytics or legal AI software concepts.
Businessperson analyzing digital graphs and data on an interactive interface with legal project management software.

Precedent Litigation Optimization Improves Litigation Outcomes

Adopting an objective, data-based litigation strategy increases effectiveness while reducing unfavorable outcomes. By combining Precedent Litigation Optimization with human judgment, insurers can reduce bodily injury exposure where it is most severe in litigated claims. This highly informed approach builds a strong foundation to support the handling of litigation.

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