Correspondence Reveal

Demand management is a critical business process of any insurance company, which starts with identifying demands and ends with settlement payment to an insured party. Precedent's Reveal streamlines manual workflow by decreasing the time required to search and review demands before handling a claim. This, in turn, reduces labor costs via automation while ensuring fair and reasonable outcome settlements.

Below is an example of Precedent’s demand
correspondence Reveal:

The image is completely black, indicating that there may be an issue with the software for insurance carriers, no content to display, or it is intentionally a solid black picture.

Provides management with demand oversight and analysis​

A black and white pixelated graphic with a jagged, stair-step pattern, designed for law firm software.

Tracks how many demands were received per day and their exposure

Uses powerful search capabilities across both open and closed demands

An AI-based comprehensive summary of a demand before you review it

Precedent’s Reveal Dashboard

Easily consolidate data and review demands with a flexible portal that helps you act in real-time and operate more efficiently.

Searching and reviewing demands are often costly and time-consuming. With Precedent Reveal, human errors are reduced, and productivity is increased without adding staff. This allows your company to reduce costs associated with routine, mundane work and refocus full-time employees on more productive tasks. Our AI-based technology also provides oversight and analysis of hard-to-find information faster than humans, with significantly greater accuracy. As a result, employees won’t have to spend hours searching for information across different systems.

Screenshot of a legal project management software interface displaying various orders, their status, time limit, required response, key factors, and assigned manager details.

Comprehensive Summaries

If you currently rely on typical administration software, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to go through demand letters. Demand letters are also hard to keep up with, limiting employee productivity. Precedent Reveal will help your employees complete various operations without having to do extensive navigation across multiple applications, saving considerable time in the process. We make this possible by automatically tracking demands and providing comprehensive summaries before it’s reviewed. It also provides powerful search capabilities that allow you to search for things like injury type, attorney, industry outcomes, and more. This enables your team to make demand correspondence decisions quickly and effectively.

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