Correspondence Monitoring

Precedent Correspondence Monitoring

Precedent's demand monitoring is a unique solution, enabling insurance companies to monitor email, physical mail, and faxes to ensure all demands are identified, prioritized, and aggressively worked. Our technology prevents bad faith exposures by alerting your staff of high-risk items while helping monitor the negotiation process.

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Awareness Monitoring of Attorney Demand Letters

Demand letters from claimant’s attorneys can be challenging due to the sheer number received and the legal language throughout the documents. At Precedent, our demand monitoring solutions use AI technology that aids in the identification, monitoring, and negotiation process to prevent lost or casually reviewed demands. Our technology ensures all demand letters are identified and reviewed to reduce bad faith exposure and/or astronomical defense expenses.

Automatic High-Risk Demand Identification

Insurance companies nationwide receive thousands of documents and demand letters each day. This could result in a disastrous situation if an insurance company misses even one demand letter, resulting in bad faith exposure and millions of dollars in settlement expenses. Precedent demand monitoring instantly recognizes, reads, and alerts your staff of high-risk items when a new demand letter is received via mail, fax, or email. This provides an additional line of defense against bodily injury claims that could result in additional legal actions.

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Interested in Learning More About Our Demand Monitoring?

Insurance companies can dramatically reduce the risk of bad faith exposure, litigation, and settlement costs by automatically detecting and monitoring attorney demand letters. At Precedent, our demand monitoring solutions identify and keep track of all crucial dates, including a demand’s expiration date, negotiation offers, and settlement date, to help prevent expediential settlement costs.

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